This is an amazing course and I'm so excited to apply some of these methods in my own work - how perfect for rock and lichen patterns!

I was blown away by your collage papers course and this takes those ideas to another level, absolutely brilliant 🤩

Natalie Day, Artist

Create those “impossible” marks with ease and elevate your artwork!

Indirect Mark Making is a term I use to describe creating marks away from my paintings and then transferring them to my work. Why? Quite simply because these amazing marks are virtually impossible to paint directly! I will be showing you how I harness the natural behaviour of acrylic paint on various surfaces to bring something new and different into my paintings.


(English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian)*

*contact me to request your language if you don’t see it offered.

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These kind of marks are compelling. I often use them to obscure parts of my work. Rather than, say, using a semi-opaque glaze to cover up a section of a painting, this way of obscuring draws the viewer in. It’s kind of visually irresistible.


If you want to communicate something with your art, it has to (as a first step) attract the eye and keep it on your work. Artists have different tools at their disposal to achieve that, such as compositional techniques and colour, but also the marks we use.


Just like a writer communicates by making his or her writing compelling so that you keep turning the page, an artist needs to keep the viewer engaged so that they want to keep looking, and finding more and more things to engage with in the work. These techniques help you achieve just that!

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This pre-recordedself-paced course is perfect for any artist wishing to introduce new and unique mark into their work. Useful for abstract and representational artists alike.

Suitable for acrylic and mixed media artists, this course has 90 minutes of clear instructional videos to take your techniques to another level.



Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at acrylic and mixed media artists. If you use acrylic paint then what you learn in this course can expand your creative repertoire.

I’m a beginner, is this course suitable for me?
Absolutely! This course is for all levels. The techniques in this course are not very difficult and you will be amazed by what you can create. Some familiarity with the behaviour of acrylic paint is helpful but none of this is difficult to learn.

How do I sign up for this course?
My course is hosted on Teachable. You will have to set up an account with a password in order to pay and to sign up to the course. You will need your password every time you want to sign in to the course.

How long is the course?
There are over 90 minutes of video content. It’s all pre-recorded and self-paced and you will have lifetime access to the course.

Do I need a lot of new materials?
If you are a practicing artist or even a hobbyist then you probably have most of the required materials. I also use commonly found household materials that you will not have trouble finding.

What is the format of the course?
This is a pre-recorded video course hosted online and members get an individual, private account to access the course.
You can watch the videos whenever you want, and as many times as you wish.

Are there subtitles?
Subtitles are available in English and eight other languages. More languages are available on request.

Do I need to use the Teachable app?
No. You can access the course on any internet browser. There’s no need to use the app if you don’t want to.

How much is the course in my currency?
You can check the price of the course in any currency here.

How long will the course and videos be available?

You get lifetime access to the course. “Lifetime” technically means for as long as my business is running.

Do I need high speed internet for the course?

Yes, you will need a good internet connection to view the video content for this course.

Do you offer refunds?

I’m afraid I don’t offer refunds on my courses. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are unsure that this course is for you.


Kasia is a mixed-media artist living and working just outside London, UK. She creates large scale layered paintings which she describes as emotional landscapes. 

Her works are held in private collections in the UK, US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Through her courses, Kasia provides an intimate insight into her creative process, a presents a unique opportunity for you to learn from her specialised techniques.