“Your course was vastly detailed, brilliantly planned, extensive (wow), incredible value for money. It was extremely well presented and sequenced.”

Jessica P.

Discover the art of bringing subtlety, depth and transparency to your paintings by making your own unique collage papers!


(English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian)

Are you frustrated that your artwork feels flat and lacks depth? Do you want to learn a new technique that will take your creativity to the next level?
Look no further! My easy-to-follow course will teach you how to create stunning transparent collage papers that will add a whole new dimension to your artwork.
Not only will you have fun exploring this novel technique, but you'll also learn how to add subtlety and nuance to your paintings.
These techniques are truly unique and I can't wait to share my secrets with you!

Yes! I want to learn this new technique now!


“This course was definitely unique! It was clearly laid out with instructions for materials and how to proceed step by step in making collage papers. The video showed each step and the brand of paint and inks used. The price of this course is worth every penny!”



Learn how to create your own beautiful and unique collage papers

You will learn how to create visual depth with unique marks and patterns using translucent collage papers which you will make yourself.

This is not collage using ephemera or found papers from books or magazines. In fact, it doesn’t even look like traditional collage.
This is a way to introduce the kind of marks into your work that are impossible to create directly on canvas.

“I loved the techniques you shared and have completely transformed paintings about to be thrown out by applying these papers.“

Ingrid M.


This pre-recordedself-paced course is perfect for any artist wishing to introduce subtlety, transparency, new marks and a sense of depth to their work. Useful for abstract and representational artists alike.

Suitable for acrylic, collage and mixed media artists, including those working with cold wax medium, the approx. 80 minutes of video content in this course is an equivalent amount of learning to a one to two day in-person workshop.

YES! I can't wait to transform my work with these papers!


  • The Basic Method of infinite possibilities
  • Using more than one colour
  • Picking up patterns
  • Veiling
  • Using objects
  • Manipulating ink
  • Glazing with collage
  • Advanced techniques: borrowing from textiles
  • Intense Saturation
  • Applying your collage papers
  • Integrating your papers
  • BONUS module: Ask me questions and share your work!

***Includes downloadable PDF transcripts for each module

- helpful for those not fluent in English or hard of hearing.***


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Norwegian


  • Wet-strength tissue paper available from Carnival Papers  (UK and selected countries) or directly from me here (Worldwide). It is also available on Amazon in various countries. You need a tissue paper that will not fall apart when wet - check with your art materials supplier if unsure. If you cannot get hold of wet-strength tissue the next best thing to try is ‘unbuffered’ tissue paper (used for packaging).
  • Plastic surface, e.g. thick polythene or a plastic tray
  • Acrylic ink (brands such as Liquitex, Golden, Daler Rowney, Sennelier are all good)
  • Acrylic medium (matte or gloss)
  • Spray bottle (optional)
  • A hanger (optional)
  • Elastic bands
  • Paper towels
  • Small containers/cups for mixing ink


Who is this course for?
This course is aimed at acrylic, mixed media and/or collage artists, including those working with cold wax medium. If you use acrylic paint or mixed media then what you learn in this course can expand your creative repertoire.

I’m a beginner, is this course suitable for me?
Absolutely! This course is for all levels. The techniques in this course are not very difficult and you will be amazed by what you can create.

How do I sign up for this course?
My course is hosted on Teachable. You will have to set up an account with a password in order to pay and to sign up to the course. You will need your password every time you want to sign in to the course.

How long is the course?
There are approximately 80 minutes of video content. It’s all pre-recorded and self-paced and you will have lifetime access to the course.

Do I need a lot of new materials?
If you are a practicing artist or even a hobbyist then you probably have most of the required materials. The main product we will be using is Wet Strength tissue paper, acrylic ink (or very diluted paint) and a plastic surface like thick polythene or a plastic tray.

What is the format of the course?
This is a pre-recorded video course hosted online and members get an individual, private account to access the course.
You can watch the videos whenever you want, and as many times as you wish.
You will also be able to download a transcript from each video module.

Do I need to use the Teachable app?
No. You can access the course on any internet browser. There’s no need to use the app if you don’t want to.

How much is the course in my currency?
You can check the price of the course in any currency here.

How long will the course and videos be available?
You get lifetime access to the course. “Lifetime” technically means for as long as my business is running.

Do I need high speed internet for the course?
Yes, you will need a good internet connection to view the video content for this course.

Do you offer refunds?

I’m afraid I don’t offer refunds on my courses. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are unsure that this course is for you.

YES! I’m in!


“Dear Kasia, at first glance it might be difficult to imagine how your course might fit with my realistic art. Well, I think your expertise in this comprehensive, well designed and superbly taught online course might have changed my backgrounds for ever.
With gratitude always”


“I absolutely love this workshop and adore Kasia’s paintings. You have presented the “ how to’s” with such care and attention and they are definitely comprehensive. I am bringing together my abstract paintings and realism, and this technique  is a way to combine them cohesively… Thank you for being so generous in sharing this amazing technique.”

“Kasia has put tremendous thought and care into this superb, easy to follow course. She’s clear as a bell in describing the techniques and in her invitation to use them however you want. My mind is abuzz with so many ways to riff off what she’s so generously provided. Enough talk - go buy it! I’m off to the studio to start experimenting…”
Rachel Davis

“Your course was vastly detailed, brilliantly planned, extensive (wow), incredible value for money. It was extremely well presented and sequenced. Just enough information. Not too much.”

“The collage course was extremely useful to me. I have been working with collage/paint layers for years BUT you still managed to teach me some new tips and tricks.”

“Fabulous Kasia!!! You are incredible to share all this valuable information to us !!! My work will never be the same. Get this course you will be so happy!!!”

“I loved the techniques you shared and have completely transformed paintings about to be thrown out by applying these papers.“

“Thank you for your great collage course. I can see all sorts of exciting possibilities with this. I was using wet strength tissue paper and using diluted inks but had not seen the endless experimentation possible by adding them together. Thank you for creating such a clear and well structured video which enabled easy learning.”

“Thank you very much; your course is great with this fun use of wet strength tissue, it fills a place in my work that was waiting for the veiled layers I can do in Photoshop but not in 3D. 
A fab course, carefully structured and thought through, and good value, too”

“I have just had the chance to watch this through for the first time - and I am blown away! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques and for inspiring others to experiment and to create and for making it all so accessible - even to me, the total novice. I cannot wait to get started and who knows where this may lead - how exciting!”

“The title of the course, ‘Create Unique Collage Paper’, is perfectly suited. It’s exactly what I was looking to elevate my artwork to another level and Kasia, you delivered. You go above and beyond in sharing your research and development with this technique. Each piece of paper is distinctive and adds more depth and interest to my paintings. Thanks so much!”

“Wow!! This was an awesome tutorial, Kasia. I had to open it up and take it right away this morning. It is hard for me to say which technique I liked the best. How about all of them as they were, each one, interesting and appealing... Thank you so very much for an affordable and accessible presentation.”

Course Review
“Kasia gives generous insight into her unique paper collage making techniques. Her course gifts you with an additional tool for your creative tool box. Incorporating these types of collage papers into your artwork has endless possibilities, whatever your chosen subject matter. Especially if creative play and texture are elements you want to enhance or introduce into your own work. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced creative.

Throughout Kasia gives comprehensive demonstrations of how her papers are created and shows us how these are integrated into her own work. This all builds gently, giving us plenty of time to experiment with our own papers. Through Kasia’s work we then get to experience how the papers are used to create layers which leads us to think about how they can be used in our own art practice. Injecting elements of surprise and risk are just two of the many benefits. 

Experimental play is at the heart of my own work, so I can’t wait to harness this new technique.“ - Melanie Cormack-Hicks, Artist

Course Review
“I am so impressed with Kasia’s online collage course! Kasia shares many interesting collage techniques with examples of how to use your papers to add depth and more layers to your paintings. This course is suitable for beginners and more advanced collage artists like myself. I will definitely be incorporating some of these beautiful new techniques into my own art practice. 
A well delivered course with very clear instruction. Highly recommend. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”
Susan McCreevy, Artist

YES! I want to start learning now!


Kasia is a mixed-media artist living and working just outside London, UK. She creates large scale layered paintings which she describes as emotional landscapes. 

Her works are held in private collections in the UK, US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Through this introductory course, Kasia provides an intimate insight into her creative process, an presents a unique opportunity for you to learn from her specialised techniques.